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Olivia   February 23, 2018   20 Comments on Window Shopping

It’s the time again!

Another batch of adorable Mustangs is being auctioned off this weekend. I’m not getting another horse. No, really! Sadly, I can’t even attend this auction because of a clinic I’m going to instead. I really wish I could go though. I was even contemplating skipping the one day of the clinic if they had a burro, but it’s just Mustangs this time. Even though I’m not going, I still enjoy window shopping for horses.

The February auction can be tough because the horses are often in full fluff mode. You really have to try to imagine what they looks like without all the hair. But there are gems to be found. The full catalog can be found here.


Two of the horses – Leave Me A Roan and Dun-Dun – were held back from the previous auction. These horses get extra months of exposure and training and are often much more advanced than the rest. Levi was there for two sessions and I was trailering him out for trail rides one week after adopting him. Zeus the Mustang was also a two-session Mustang and he does Novice eventing now.

My favorites from the catalog are Feather and Shadow. Sadly, their videos aren’t up yet. I’m also curious about how tall Feather is since 15.5hh isn’t a thing. He looks like a tall and lanky guy though.

Even though the auction is tomorrow, they still haven’t posted all of the videos. However, the ones that are up can be found here.

Of the ones I’ve watched, I really like the videos for Eclipse and Chaos. The guy riding and training them knows what he’s doing and he’s done a good job with them. Although they’re both too small for me, they’re very cute little guys. I love the flaxen mane and tail on Chaos

Who are your favorites?

20 thoughts on “Window Shopping

  1. martidoll123

    II love they do this program and think it is so cool that the prisoners get something to do and keep them busy and the horses win too. Just gives me all the feels!! I hope they get some decent bucks (The money kind)! I of course woudl have to go with Dun Dun because duh! 🙂 He is so cute and reminds me of Remus in the face and neck. thanks for sharing!! I don’t see anything like Levi there 🙂 One of a kind!

    1. Olivia Post author

      The auction my husband went to had a few other REALLY nice looking horses: tall, good colors (buckskins and duns and such), good conformations. Last time we were there the head trainer said he is only allowed to pick from certain facilities and he’s having a harder time finding the tall, colored ones.

  2. Emily

    If I end up buying one of these horses on a complete whim, I will totally blame you. Every time you post these, I think about how much I would love to adopt one of these guys.

  3. Shauna

    I would be interested to see Feather’s video. Based on still photos, he is my #1 pick. #2 would probably be Disco.

  4. Nicku

    The adoption facility next door to my barn is overflowing with these guys! Young, old, big, small and every color you could imagine. Makes me sad they’re rounded up like that.

  5. Amanda C

    Confo-wise I’m partial to Gary (the leg structure on some of these is no bueno) but Stanley has the best canter of the bunch, so that one.

    1. Olivia Post author

      This is not the best bunch for conformation. They also really like to do the 3/4 angle photograph, which frustrates me because it’s much harder to tell how they’re put together. When we’ve gone to the sale, I’ve had the prisoners pull the tack and line them up for me to look at.

  6. the_everything_pony

    Stanley is my fav. After watching the vid I like his expression the best and I think he has the best gaits out of the ones with video. I also like best how quiet his rider is with his hands.

  7. Liz

    So many wonderful options. I love this program. I wasn’t aware of it until reading your experiences with it; now I tell people all the time.

  8. Dom

    I LOVE this! You have a good eye for these horses. I’m guessing 15.5 is 15.2hh 🙂 That looks about right depending on the height of the rider…

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