Woodside Schooling Show – Meetup?

There’s a schooling show at the Woodside Horse Park this coming weekend (August 22nd-23rd). I will be showing Intro Dressage and the Walk/Trot hunter divisions with Nilla on Sunday.

Unfortunately, Intro classes start at 9:00am, which is stupid early for the weekend. The hunter classes should be sometime in the afternoon, but there’s no exact time listed.

If anyone in the bay area wants to stop by and meet the mule and/or cheer us on, that’d be awesome.
If you’re interested in coming, email me – click the @ symbol at the top of the blog for my email address – and I’ll keep you up to date with timing.

With this tongue and chair seat, we will obviously be winning all the ribbons.

15 thoughts on “Woodside Schooling Show – Meetup?

  1. emma

    ahh i would love to come cheer you on!!! but sadly that pesky continent sitting between the two coasts will probably prohibit that. hope you have a blast all the same!!!

  2. Olivia

    We will try. I envision on disaster. But I'm not sure I am capable of imaging things going well. Outside of the stress, it generally serves me well. I usually end up happy because I had such low expectations.

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