2018 Goals Review

Olivia   January 2, 2019   22 Comments on 2018 Goals Review

Because of our impending move, my 2018 goals were a bit sparse and honestly I’ve not done the best job of achieving them. However, looking back at the post did remind me about some things I need to work on again in 2019.

✔ Read More

I set my GoodReads goal at 75, but I hoped to read 125+ books in 2018. I made it to 130, which is generally a success, but the quantity wasn’t the whole point. I wrote in my goal post “the total number of books isn’t really my goal though; I just want to spend more time reading real books instead of wasting time online.” I was really good about that before the move, but after the move I was so busy that sitting down with a book seemed like too much and I would decide to just look at Instagram for a “few minutes.” I need to get back on this goal in 2019.

✘ Nilla Soundness

“It’d be cool if we could make it to 2019 without any more injuries.” Well, that was a big, fat fail. She re-injured herself in January of 2018, had until August off and was declared 100% healed and ready to return to work then. She did well with rehab work before the snow put a halt to all riding. She turned up with swelling in the suspensory area again a few weeks ago. My best guess is she slipped on the ice. We’ll see what she looks like in the spring.

✔ Figure out what to do with Levi

“Hopefully by the end of the year either I’ll have found a way to enjoy him or found someone else to enjoy him.”

I think this was mostly a success. We went through another period where I seriously contemplated selling him. He can be the biggest *sshole sometimes. But when he’s good, he’s so freaking good. We’ll see what 2019 brings.

✔ Stop buying shit

“I’m not going to set a budget because I’m not eliminating buying things I do need – like a dressage saddle so I can stop doing dressage in my 20 year old close contact that doesn’t fit me. However, I need to stop buying crap I don’t need, like more saddle pads or new breeches. If something breaks and I need a new thing, I’m free to go ahead, but no more buying stuff just for fun.”

An example of a thing I didn’t buy despite really, really wanting to

I’d actually say I did a pretty good job of this. While I certainly bought stuff this year, I got a lot better about not buying random stuff just because I wanted to. I bought almost no saddle pads. I also made an effort to buy quality items that will last instead of endless replacements for cheap crap.

22 thoughts on “2018 Goals Review

  1. Liz

    Oh no, Nilla! UGH. I’m so sorry you’re still going through that with her. It’s got to be beyond frustrating at this point. But huzzah to the rest of the things going pretty well. Cheers to 2019!

  2. jess

    Wow reading goals! Can we be friends on Goodreads? I couldn’t find you! Nice job on your goals – you did so much and moved across the country on top of it all! I look forward to what 2019 brings – fingers crossed for Nilla’s health and Levi’s attitude.

  3. martidoll123

    I am so happy you guys can have them at home. I hope you figure out Nilla and Levi behaves in 2019. Good lord that is a lot of books. I listen to alot of books but since i am not in the car thatmuch anymore i dont listen to that much. I need to read more. Rather than watching stupid tv or surfing the internet! 🙂

    1. Olivia Post author

      The internet totally sucks me in too. I listen to books on tape when driving and that definitely gets me some books read, but I go through more audio books while doing barn chores.

  4. Hillary H.

    Sorry to hear Nilla is out again. Hopefully she will be okay come spring. I love following Levi and look forward to following more of your adventures with him!

  5. nadsnovik

    I’m impressed with how many books you read! I need to keep track, but I can’t imagine it is over 100!
    Sorry about Nilla, what a bummer!

    1. Olivia Post author

      Goodreads is a great way to track books read. A lot of people write reviews, rate things, find book recommendations, connect with groups and such, but I really only use it for tracking the books I am reading/have read.

  6. Molly

    Oh Jeeze Nilla… I hope she heals up and is ready to go again by spring! I totally feel for you as I have one of those at my farm too. Sigh. Why can’t they be more careful!

  7. Dom

    Ugh, Nilla… no!! That’s so frustrating, but hoping she looks good in the spring…

    The rest of this list is awesome though!!

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