An Equestrian Birthday

Olivia   September 14, 2016   34 Comments on An Equestrian Birthday

My birthday was a few weeks ago. You know how everyone gives horse girls horse themed gifts? My parents have been doing that for years, but the now I have a mule and that’s a little more difficult.


So now I get a lot of donkey themed gifts/cards. Which is cool too. This card is certainly cute.


As for actual gifts, it was really all about the mule. I asked my husband for a Micklem Bridle and he said he’d already got me something, but I should get that for myself too as his gift wasn’t very “big.” I’m always happy to have permission to buy more tack. I actually hate the look of the Micklems, but I’ve heard so many stories of them really helping horses accept the bit/be more comfortable in the bridle and Nilla could certainly use all the help she can get in that department.

I’m not sure Nilla likes her new #micklembridle #mulesofinstagram

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I really don’t love the look of this thing and I’m actually not sure that it’s helping Nilla at all and she might actually hate it more than her usual bridle, but I’m going to try it some more before I make a final decision.

My husband’s gift was a bit late arriving, but it is really nice. He got me a custom ribbon hanger from White Stallion Studio. It’s gorgeous. The picture really doesn’t do it justice.

ribbon hanger

As an added bonus, my ribbons are no longer hanging on the blinds in our dining room. Of course, my husband’s ribbons are still hanging on the blinds, so we’re only partially classy around here. I’ve also filled all of the ribbon racks already so I’ll need to expand back onto the blinds.

Finally, my parents sent me a sheepskin cover for my TSF jumping girth. I had been using this small sheepskin meant for an endurance/dressage girth on my jumping girth and it wasn’t the best look.


I haven’t used my jumping saddle since getting the cover, so I have yet to try it out, but the sheepskin cover I have for my TSF dressage girth works well so I can’t imagine it’ll disappoint.

34 thoughts on “An Equestrian Birthday

  1. Megan

    ooo happy birthday!! the ribbon holder is gorgeous.

    good luck with the stupid fugly micklem. if it keeps her tongue in her mouth its worth all that ridiculousness.

  2. Carly

    Maybe it’s just because I’ve had one for so many years, but I actually like the look of the Micklem on her! And that ribbon rack is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. hayflinger

    What a lovely ribbon rack. I have a friend who makes stall signs and bridle hooks, etc. (he makes them for people at the track, including a 2x KY Derby winning trainer.) He’s done two for me that another friend got for me on my birthday (that have my horses names on them) and I’m saving Jet’s old shoes so he can make me a horseshoe bridle rack in the future, but that is a lovely ribbon rack.

    Happy Belated Birthday!

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