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One of the more annoying aspects of moving the blog to the new site was re-creating my blogroll. I do almost all of my blog reading in Feedly, where I follow 172 horse blogs. A lot of those aren’t active blogs. For example, if a blog moved from blogspot to their own domain, I never bothered to delete the old blog from Feedly.

I also hang on to blogs that haven’t published in years. In going through the list to create the blogroll on this site, I clicked on all of the links to see if they were still active. Some of those blogs hadn’t published since 2012! For this site, I cleared out any blog that hadn’t published in the last few months.

However, I also follow some blogs through Facebook and I had some in my blogger account that weren’t in Feedly. All said, I’m fairly sure my blogroll here isn’t an actual representation of all the blogs I follow.

One of the things that annoyed me about Blogger was trying to track down commenters. Although not all commenters have their own blogs, if they do, I try to reciprocate. However, sometimes, a commenter’s name link would lead me down a rabbit hole to a dead end and I’d never figure out if the commenter had their own blog. And that was even if people could comment on the blog. I’ve had email and message conversations with several readers who weren’t able to comment on my blog because of the way blogger works.

So I’m excited to be on WordPress with – hopefully – the ability to actually have anyone who wants to comment do so and be able to find readers’ blogs if they have them.

For today, share if you have a blog and it’s not listed on my blogroll here. If your blog is already listed or if you don’t have a blog tell me about one of your other favorite horse blogs that I should be following. I’m always excited to find new blogs.

*Due the the time zone mess up with the previous post, I’ve decided to change the rules for the custom item contest a little bit. To win, you need to comment on any 5 out of 6 of the posts following my switch to WordPress. This is post 2 of 6.

**Also, there are still a few days to enter the the $25 Riding Warehouse Gift Certificate Contest. I know I have more readers than I currently have entries. You don’t need to have your own blog to enter.

RW Contest

***I’m still working out some kinks with the switch so please let me know if you notice anything weird.

42 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. Teresa

    I’ve thought about moving but then it seems like too much work. Kind of like changing banks….. 🙂

    My blog seemed to have made it to your blogroll. I would have entered your other contest but I wasn’t sure about the shipping. 🙁

    1. LoveLaughRide

      YES! This is the perfect comparison for me. I loathe changing banks. I had serious issues with mine for 4 years before I finally got up the will to change. I feel like it will be this long for my blog as well.

  2. Molly

    I am pretty new here so I did not expect to see myself here. I have a super long blog list myself and so many are not active anymore. I feel your pain!

  3. Emma

    I occasionally think about cleaning up my blog roll… But there are a few old ones in there that I keep hopin will pop up as active again. Idk. It’s tough to keep up sometimes!! It’s also a little tricky comparing my blog roll to yours since they’re not in the same order, but I like following paradigm farms horse retirement bc I love their stories about some of their residents and life on the farm in general. Also the pilgrim chronicles is another newer blog that I’ve been following with a super cute gray horse.

  4. Appydoesdressage

    Hey, look at that. Your new site appeared on my Blogger feed without the adding of it from me. Yay! I am sure if I was more serious in the blogger world I would notice a difference and have an opinion. Right now the only thing that really bugs me about Blogger is how the formatting messes up when you try to have a different size picture. And it doesn’t yet bug me enough to change lol

  5. LoveLaughRide

    You have an impressive blogroll. I feel I won’t get anything done at work while I find new ones to read! It always gives me a thrill to see my blog on someone’s Blogroll, so thank you!

  6. L. Williams

    I used to clean up my blog roll but then sometimes people come back, I decided just leaving people on there was fine, its not like it harmed me in any way.

  7. Paola

    I’ve been so busy with moving that I didn’t realize that you had moved your blog! I’ve even been too busy to blog much in the past few months. Your blog looks really neat on WordPress!

  8. Megan

    I’m also guilty of not deleting old blogs from my feed, so now I have several that show up twice. Oops. Looks like you have my blog listed (thanks!) and we also read the same blogs. I’ll be spending some time going through your list looking at the ones I don’t already follow.

  9. Stephanie Peck

    I had to do a similar clean up a few months ago! I always wonder what happened to the people who wrote the blogs that just stopped publishing. Did they get busy? Get rid of the horse? Move to a place with no internet? Decide they didn’t want to blog any more?

  10. Carly

    I follow over 300 blogs and honestly I doubt half of them are even active. One of these days I’ll do some cleaning! I hate when I can’t find a blog for someone that’s commented, too. It doesn’t help that I’m pretty useless at technology anyway!

  11. M

    I am an avid reader but don’t blog myself. I wish also that more would give a final post of “bye everybody” cause I get interested in their stories and would like to know why they stopped.

  12. Calm, Forward, Straight

    Thanks for keeping me on your blogroll! I’ve been putting reading over writing for a while as my computer time is increasingly limited. (super busy + big things on the horizon…)The WordPress format looks great – really clean. 😀

  13. Britt

    Eek! I made the blog roll! I don’t know about any other additions, but I have found a couple from your list that I’m adding to mine!

  14. Micaylah

    Awh I used to be on your blogroll! (or I think really highly of myself hahah) Id love to talk to you more about your transition because I kind of hate blogger

  15. Nicole

    I need to update my blog roll when I find the time. Great job on the transition! My blog is I see some new blogs I need to check out.

  16. Heather

    I keep seeing your comments on my blog and then I forgot to hop over to yours, but I’m excited to start following along! Thanks for sticking me in your blogroll! Patently Bay is another blogger in my area with a neat thoroughbred and a super cute Dachshund. Her posts are usually short and sweet but fun.

    I had to use Blogger for a project in college once, and I don’t think I’ll ever use it again. It took me months to finally get it to play nice and let me comment when I started blogging, and I like the look of WordPress blogs better anyway. So yay for switching!

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