DIY Horse Ownership’s New Web Address and Contest

Welcome to DIY Horse Ownership’s new site:

DIY has moved to

I’ve actually owned this domain name for a long time, but never got around to transferring everything over. This was mostly because I was worried about losing followers. However, the inconveniences of using blogger have been weighing on me more and more and I decided to finally make the switch.

To promote the new site and help transition followers over, I’m running two simultaneous contests. The first contest is really easy. Just complete the rafflecopter below to enter. You’ll need to follow my new blog and comment here letting me know how you follow whether it’s through feedly, bloglovin, wordpress, facebook, or whatever service you use. If you follow and you comment, you get one entry. If you share this contest and link to this post on your own blog, you get 2 extra entries. Winner will be chosen at random through the rafflecopter randomizer. The winner will get a $25 Gift Certificate to Riding Warehouse.

RW Contest

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The second contest is a bit more complicated, but the great thing about it is that everyone is a winner. Seriously: if you participate, you win. The challenge is to read and comment on my next 5 blog posts starting with tomorrow’s post. You must comment each day within 24 hours of the post being published (so no waiting until the end and going back and posting on all of them at the same time.) I already have a bunch of great readers and regular commenters so I know I already have a few potential winners. And I’ll be happy to have more. The prize for this contest is your choice of customized item:

DIY How to Make a Custom Fly Bonnet

Wooden Stall Sign

DIY How to Make a Custom Fly Bonnet

Peppermint Treats

I’ll design the stall sign around your horse or you can let me know what colors or pattern you want for the bonnet. To be honest, the treats aren’t customized. But they are, by far, my most popular DIY post, so I’m including them as an option. Honestly, I have so many of these, if you pick the stall sign or bonnet, you’re probably getting some treats too. I will do international shipping if it’s not too complicated. If you live in a country with prohibitive import laws (like Iceland) and/or expensive shipping (like Columbia) sorry. If you live in Canada/Europe, you’re probably safe.

I’m excited to finally be here on my new page with my own domain. I hope everyone continues to read and follow my blog. I’ve very grateful to everyone who has so far.

35 thoughts on “DIY Horse Ownership’s New Web Address and Contest

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  2. emma

    a little late to the game bc i wanted to make sure i was at my laptop (instead of the phone) to update all the links. odd thing is – they seem to be redirecting all by themselves. your new post (eugene jumping) came through on my published blog list, appears in my blogger following list, and shows up on feedly, all without me changing anything. not sure if this is by design, or if the redirect function has a shelf life, but just thought i’d let you know! anyway the new site looks great!

  3. Hannah

    I think there’s some kind of tube going from your house to mine and Nilla and Eugene stories drip through that tube into my computerbox? It probably works because I’m in southern CA and it’s downhill from you. I follow the old fashioned way with a tab open in my browser. I don’t have a blog or blog-related service that I use.

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  5. Heidi

    Yay for your new site! I just come directly to your blog. Maybe I should check out Feedly? My Blogger feed seems weird sometimes. I had a blog but haven’t updated it since I sold my horse in 2012. Boo hoo!

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