Horse Personality Quiz for Nilla

So I finally got around to taking the Horse Personality Quiz that’s been going around the horse blogosphere. I did it for Nilla and found some of the questions a little hard to answer.

Like this question:

How are we defining forward? Nilla is high energy and will pull me along most of the time. But truly engaged forward where she’s used her backend properly and stepping under herself? No. We have rearing issues regarding that. But I don’t think the author is talking about the dressage version of forward, so I went with “Usually.”


And this one:

I don’t have a herd or a real pasture so I have no idea. I know from her interacting individually with Shasta, Dijon, and Eugene in the paddock and turnout area how she is with one other horse, but even “separate” in their small pasture/turnout is still very close and within site of each other. I honestly didn’t know how to answer this one, but given she will call for her buddies when they go away, but doesn’t mind if they ride away from her I figured “Sometimes” was an okay answer.

This question completely stumped me:

What does this mean? I don’t even know. I don’t think Nilla cares particularly cares if I’m there for her at all unless I’m not there to feed her every day. I went with “Never.” If anyone knows what this means, let me know.

Being There for Nilla

And then there’s this question:

As far as liking things goes, outside of eating, rolling, having her ears rubbed, and jumping, I don’t know what Nilla likes. I know Nilla hates going on trailer rides. As in, she is actually willing to kill herself to avoid doing so. But she’s completely chill at new parks, campgrounds, endurance rides, and shows. I don’t know how much she likes it though. I’m pretty sure if her life was living in one giant pasture with unlimited food and occasionally ear scratches and never going anywhere she’d be happy. I don’t know how much she likes going anywhere. But I know horses who hate going away from home and/or are terrified at new places and she’s certainly not like that, so I guess “Usually”?

I did the quiz and got “Your horse is a … DLCF – The Reluctant Rock Star.” I actually did this a week or so ago, then closed the tab, forgot about it, and re-did the quiz to do this post. I didn’t remember all the questions and got the same results so I guess it’s really her.

And really, this description is pretty much dead on: “This horse has a big ego, loves attention, loves to be in the limelight, but doesn’t really like all the work it takes to be there. That is where you come in. You will need to push, persuade and motivate every inch of the way.” Because every part of the past two years has been me either pushing or pulling Nilla towards her own potential. She’d really much rather just be admired and pet and given treats, not have to work for a living.

I read the sample chapter on The Reluctant Rock Star and I’m not sure how perfectly the description matches: “In general, this horse is an easy horse to train, because he wants to please you so much. An added benefit is his confidence and curiosity. He is not likely to be the dangerous type as he is not flighty. He would much rather get along than create problems.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I dunno about that. I have been told that Nilla is easy “for a mule.” So maybe that’s an accurate description. 

I don’t think I’ll buy the book, but the online quiz is fun. Has anyone else done this and what is your horse?

11 thoughts on “Horse Personality Quiz for Nilla

  1. TeresaA

    Nilla is soooooo easy! lol
    Yeah, I did that too and got 'wallflower' for Carmen but that doesn't seem right at all. But a lot of those questions I couldn't answer. I read the descriptions of different ones and she seems to be more like the 'perfectionist'.

  2. Sara

    I tried the quiz with Gem and got Wallflower which wasn't really close to her. I think I interpreted some of the questions differently or something. As an aside, I just found your blog and I adore Nilla.

  3. Kara Thomson

    I did the quiz, I was stumped on the same questions. Ruby was the wallflower, somewhat accurate. But like Nilla Ruby's favorite activity is to graze, anywhere, anytime, anyplace!

  4. Olivia

    Seriously. I had a horse who legitimately liked being ridden and doing things. But Nilla is not that horse. Most horses aren't like that really. I think they're mostly all happy to just stuff their faces.

  5. Olivia

    I didn't even think about doing that. I just went and checked them and think Nilla's more of a "Goddess." "The Goddess is loved by most of the other horses and most people. They are expressive and sensitive and emotional. You will know how they feel. They try very hard to please and will worry and be anxious if you are not happy with them. In the negative they can have scattered energy that is hard to get focused. This personality can be loved on as much as you want."

  6. arteriole

    Tesla got reluctant rock star too! (Maybe it is genetically linked to big ears? ;D Tesla can’t compare with Nilla, but her ears are not small. :))))

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