Olivia   August 4, 2015   3 Comments on Chicks!

All of the barn chickens were killed by a raccoon a few weeks ago. The barn owner finally went to go get new chicks this weekend and they are awesome.

There are actually 6 more being kept at a boarders house because they were too small and still needed a heat lamp. The three we have at the barn to play with are a frazzle and two polishes.

The polishes are the ones with the puffy heads. The frazzle is the grey with the feathers that stick out in every direction.

They’re already pretty friendly, but we’re supposed to play with them all the time to make sure they stay habituated. Our previous batch of chickens were not easy to handle. The one polish actually fell asleep while I was holding her. She woke up when my husband tried to take a picture though:

Have you ever seen the Mercedez-Benz chicken commercial?

My husband and I like to do this with all the chickens. It’s so funny how thy keep their heads still. (We’re easily amused.) The frazzle was pretty good at it.

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