Do You Keep Your Dressage Tests?

I keep all my old dressage tests. I’m not sure I need to and I don’t really look back at them, but I feel like I might want to one day, so I hang on to them.

open book

I thought about doing a binder, but I like to keep mine in one of those Faux Storage Books. I like how this particular one is horse themed so the dressage tests seem right at home.


Do you keep your old dressage tests? If so, where do you keep them?

22 thoughts on “Do You Keep Your Dressage Tests?

  1. Sara @Roaming Rider

    That’s a neat storage book. I’m not a saver in general and have been known to throw my ribbons away as well. I do keep my ride cards from endurance though so if I get to a dressage show I might keep the score card.

  2. Leah

    Yes! Each of my horses who has competed (so two right now, hopefully soon to be three) has a file folder in with my other important paperwork. Sometimes I find it fun to compare the progress from the beginning to the end of a season, or from the beginning to present of showing! Periodically looking over them can also show long term patterns (or improvements!) in my riding. I’m nerdy like that though 😊

  3. CobJockey

    I like that book. I keep my current year/level’s tests in my show binder that hangs on my stall door at shows, and I do review them the morning of shows typically. All of my old ones are in the “Connor” folder in the filing cabinet.

  4. Appydoesdressage

    I have every single test from every dressage show we have been in. Clear back to 2003! They are organized oldest to newest, with each horse having it’s own folder. It is cool to look back on them and reminisce, but yeah, they just sit there.

    1. Olivia Post author

      You’re much more organized than I am. But then, you’ve been at it much longer. I may regret my lack of organization years from now.

  5. Monica V

    That storage box is adorable and I need it! < 3

    I used to keep them, then I found my stash and couldn't remember any of them and since I had been purging my house to move….I threw them away. I kind of regret it, but not really. I literally never looked back on them. Maybe if I won a major event with one I would keep it and frame that shiz, but no I do not anymore

  6. Megan

    i have ALL Of them.

    and, creepily enough, reading them i remember all of them.

    plus i have one scored by boyd martin, ergo it has his signature. it was also my best dressage score ive ever gotten on that particular horse, a 29 (which was good for last place. apparently he was a wee bit generous).

  7. Emma

    I definitely have a hard time getting rid of the paper copies bc of my borderline hoarderish tendencies haha. Generally tho a digital copy goes on the blog and that suffices for me.

  8. jenj

    Hahaha, I literally just had this conversation with my husband this morning. Him: “Honey what do you want me to do with your dressage tests away from last weekend?” Me: “Uhhh…” *stuffs them in a random drawer*. Him: “You really should figure out what to do with those…”

    I might need that book you’ve got, it’s great! Where did you get it?

  9. Hillary

    I have a binder for each horse records and do keep dressage tests but I’m not organized about it. Who knows where my older tests are.

  10. LoveLaughRide

    I keep all of my tests in a binder that is organized by year. Every show has it’s own plastic sleeve that the prize list, entry form, test and results go into. I love being able to look back, even if I rarely do.

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