Equestrian Surcingle Belt Giveaway

I had enough ribbon to make a second surcingle belt and – since everyone seemed to like the first one so much – this one is up for grabs.  I had a little less ribbon for this one so it’s slightly smaller, but it will still fit someone up to a size 36 breeches. In order to win, all you have to do is check out my DIY Projects page and let me know in the comments what your favorite project is.

Bonus points if you’ve ever MADE one of my projects. I know some readers have and I always love hearing about it and seeing pictures or links.

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Contest ends on Wednesday so it should get to you before Christmas (no promises though). Open to non U.S. residents although the extra shipping time might mean it doesn’t get to you before the holidays (I also reserve the right to cancel that if it turns out you live in some country that’s stupidly expensive to ship to.)

25 thoughts on “Equestrian Surcingle Belt Giveaway

  1. roamingridersite

    My prior favorite was the ribbon browband, but I think this was surpassed that. The last DIY project I did was the shelter I made a year ago in the pasture. I’m not much of a DIYer, but I appreciate those that are.

  2. Teresa

    YES! I was hoping you would do a giveaway of this! It’s hard to pick a favourite one to be honest. I do admire your ‘I can do that’ attitude. I often think that but don’t always follow through! I have two favourites (not counting the belt) 1. where you re-did the trailer floor. I have that saved to do myself once I can’t stand the carpet in my new trailer. and 2. how to make a rope halter- that’s going to be a winter project.

  3. Julie Anne

    goodness, i didn’t realize you had as many over there as that! ive seen the jump ones since i’ve been following you and i *thought* those were my favourites but now im not so sure! more research required. 🙂
    i have knit and felted my own saddle blanket and done carpentry work for the barn. must be time to try you treat recipes then – to explore a different direction 😀

  4. Calm, Forward, Straight

    I have enjoyed all your DIY posts! The rope halter and pill hiding treats are on my list. All projects around here are diy (still seeking a horse husband) – favorites often involve recycling palettes.

      1. calm, Forward, Straight

        My landscaping business gets two semis of mulch every winter, about 40 – 50 pallets. Our transfer station doesn’t take them so I feel compelled to recycle. If we were closer I would definitely share!

  5. Leah

    I actually gave your peppermint treat recipe to my barn manager last week and she made everybody cookies for Christmas! My horses loved them so much clearly I need to whip up my own batch.

    In terms of other DIY projects, I loved when you redid your trailer dressing room floor. I hate the crappy carpet in my trailer so I’m hoping that’s a 2018 project!

  6. Jessica

    I love the wood burning stall sign! Luckily I have a quality wood burning tool with numerous different tips (I bought it for burning designs into leather for SCA horse tack and archery arm band covers) so I think I might do that one. I even already have a wooden sign I mean to make a stal sign for my last horse but ai sold him.

    1. Olivia Post author

      Oh wow. I’m pretty bad at using the wood burner. I can only imagine yours will be amazing since you know what you’re doing.

  7. rooth

    YES so glad you’re doing a giveaway for this! I haven’t done any equine related DIY projects (I do love the jumps that you and your husband built) but maybe to reinforce my tack locker – there are always endless shavings leaking in

  8. Laura

    Cool! A giveaway! I have made your peppermint treats and they were a bit hit with the crew here. 🙂 I really like the belt tutorial and if I could sew, I feel like it is something I would try. (note to self: if I don’t win, get my Mom to sew me a belt! lol). My favourite diy project of yours has to be the jumps – really neat to see the steps to make and paint some nice jumps!

  9. Shauna

    I am not very handy or creative, but I admire anyone who can do DIY projects and have them turn out beautiful (and not like the old website “Regretsy”. I have to say my favorite it the surcingle belt. Love it. Wish you could start an Etsy store!

  10. KC Scott

    This belt is my favorite! I have no sewing skills (or a machine) so buying is my only option. Did this guilt you into selecting me? No? Damn….

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  12. Stacie Seidman

    I think these belts might be my most favorite…. But I loved the string signs you made. Those were really neat. I’ve not tried any of your tutorials mostly because #lazy. But there have been several I’ve filed away for a rainy (or snowy day)!

  13. Elizabeth

    I hope to carve out the time to try one of your DIY horse treat recipes for sure! I think my favorite one to read about was your trailer flooring though. 🙂

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