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Olivia   March 10, 2017   15 Comments on Eventing Bingo

I’m really not sure how to complete one of these. While I’m super excited about the eventing bingo idea in theory, the only way to make BINGO involves some sort of failure. And while I am very good at failing at even simple eventing concepts, it’s not something I plan for.

It just comes naturally!

I think my best hope for the card above is the bottom line. I have certainly done all of these things.

Holy long spot: this is actually the hardest one. Nilla loves to burry herself as deep as possible into the jump, but we occasionally get long spots.

Forgot whip/crop/spurs and lived to regret it: Because Nilla is so forward, I often forget that I do need a crop to remind her to actually listen to me. Especially when she’s busy trying to spook at random crap, a crop is very necessary.

Spooked at the jump judge: Been there done that.

Cleared the standards: We’re not quite clearing the standards from a 100% technical definition, but we are certainly from the colloquial meaning of the phrase.

I call this series: “OMG, Nilla, the jump is down there.” #mulesofinstagram #overjump #eventingmule #horseshow

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Jumped a fence without stirrups: Certainly not on purpose, because – let’s be honest – I’m not very good at jumping even with stirrups, but I have lost a stirrups and carried on anyway.

I can also win this second card by cheating and using a bunch of the same items from the previous card on the top line across.

In first place after dressage. This is actually really easy. Just be the only one in your division. I’ve accomplished this multiple times.


Circles? It’s difficult to do circles correctly when you’re doing your dressage test as it’s a jumping round, but maybe one day I’ll sit back and ride.

Ribbons! Once again super easy when you’re the only one in your division. However, we do occasionally get ribbons even when we have competition.

15 thoughts on “Eventing Bingo

  1. Emma

    Ha idk I think there’s plenty of opportunity to check off squares without necessarily “failing” – tho I kinda like turning my own fails into small wins by any means possible, thus the bingo lol. Nice pictures!!

    1. Olivia Post author

      Oh there certainly are non fail opportunities. I’m just never going to accomplish those so my best chance of bingo is to fail all the way.

  2. Dom

    I had a judge comment, “Did you fail high school geometry?” On account of my circles. *hangs head in shame*

    Also had a judge comment, “Good job keeping him in the ring!” after Ozzy’s first dressage test.

      1. Dom

        The pony I was on at the time was living with me because he kept sending people to the ER… via helicopter… So I was pretty pleased with our crooked circles!

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