Friday Five

Olivia   September 16, 2016   28 Comments on Friday Five


Eugene plays with everything he can reach. He’s picks up fly spray bottles from the grooming bin and breaks them, has thrown lots of drinks, plays with hula hoops and other toys. At the show on Sunday I looked over and he had grabbed an entire bag of treats out of the trailer door and was tossing his head up and down throwing them all over the place. I didn’t get a picture of that, but I did catch him playing with this Sacramento Sheriff’s Department frisbee we picked up for free at the Mustang Auction.


Brush Box

I joined in on my husband’s jumping lesson with Seasonal Trainer. My husband was determined to do the brush box. We started by removing the middle brush and just jumping the box. Eventually we added the brush and they both jumped it like it was no big deal. I thought they might try to jump the whole thing, but they both seemed to understand the brush concept from the start.

Conquered the new brush jump. Complete with post jump attitude. #eventinglife #mulesofinstagram

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We sold the trailer already. I posted it Thursday night, met the buyer on Saturday and she put down a deposit, took it to her mechanic to have him do an inspection on Tuesday, and signed the title over that same day. I had a woman who was second in line and was going to drive up from San Diego to buy it. Turns out those trailers are hard to find used.

Pro Ride

Nilla’s been totally impossible since her injections. She feels sound, but she’s stiff and crooked. Like completely bent out of shape. I’m guessing a chiro visit is needed even though she just had a chiro visit last month. I don’t really want to enter into a world of monthly chiro visits as I am not that rich, but we’ll see. I had my dressage trainer hop on her for my lesson this week. The college girls were in the ring and they were exclaiming over how great Nilla looked. My comment? You mean a gold medal winning dressage rider can make her look good? Yay!


Unfortunately, I’m not so talented. She did feel a lot better after the tune-up, but my trainer agreed she was stiff AF and might need the chiro.



I had to go to the tack store for just one thing. Pretty sure everyone reading this knows how well that worked out.


28 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Teresa

    So what is a cambox? Eugene has personality that’s for sure. I think he’s cute (or course he’s not chewing on my things!).

    I wonder if Nilla is stiff because of the way she had been carrying herself pre-hock injection? You may need to learn some massage. 🙂

    1. Olivia Post author

      I’d love to learn massage, but I’ve heard that’s like years of training. A Cambox is a helmet camera that fits in the brim of your helmet. I lost my old camera and decided to get the new, cool one.

  2. Megan

    lol @ ‘just one thing’. i think that’s impossible.

    wow nilla looks sweet with your trainer up!!! at least you know she can do it 😛

    1. Olivia Post author

      I’ve watched this and other trainers ride her. She always looks better, but she does pull her shit with them too. So at least I know it’s not just me.

  3. sarahczspots

    That’s awesome that you sold your trailer so soon! Also, A’s mustang that she competed with is very interested in having things in her mouth. During the in hand part of the competition, she was supposed to ground tie while A picked her feet and she saw a cone sitting about 10 feet away and went to grab it with her teeth.

  4. Monica V

    I wanted your trailer, so sad you were so far away–glad you sold it quick! Yankee has always been super mouthy too and even at 14 will play with anything!! He’s the only horse at the barn not allowed to have a half door haha. Also, Nilla could be stiff because injections take a bit to settle in. Hopefully she will loosen up and get un-stiff without too much expense.

    1. Olivia Post author

      I’m fairly sure my husband could walk into a tack store and buy one thing, but I don’t know any other equestrians who can do it.

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