Poplar Beach Ride

Olivia   August 10, 2018   19 Comments on Poplar Beach Ride

After our ride to Alice’s we were back on the road again the next day to go to the beach. We normally don’t go to the beach during the summer because of the crazy traffic. The roads to the beach will back up for hours on a summer weekend. On Sunday, we left early to beat the traffic and got to the beach before the morning fog burnt off.

It was gray and actually chilly when we first got there. As we rode along, the clouds drifted off slowly revealing the blue skies.

We rode all the way down the beach this time to the Ritz-Carlton. Friends of ours got married there a few years ago, so we had to grab a quick shot together in front if it.

There was a little tide pool at this end of the beach, which was really cool to explore. Levi is terrified of the ocean, but I was able to convince him to go into the tide pool since it wasn’t moving.

Once he was in and figured out the water would not in fact kill him, he was down to play.

Our barn mate joined us at the beach again. Devro was even more scared of the ocean than Levi – I eventually got Levi near the surf and Devro was not interested in that death trap – but he was also happy to splash happily in the tide pool.

synchronized splashing

Eugene loves the water – in fact keeping him from constantly trying to drink the water was our biggest issue – so he was all over the tide pool and climbing up the sand banks, exploring.

Once we were done playing in the tide pool, we turned back. We took advantage of having someone with us to get a video of us riding together.

Levi was still convinced the surf was death and threw some temper tantrums, but we finally got a bit of a nice run along the beach.

I had spotted this log on the way out and on the way bak we couldn’t resist jumping it.

Jumping in a treeless trail saddle is really difficult though. I tried it and when Levi jumped, I basically slipped back 6 inches. It’s not even like I don’t know this from previous experience, but I always forget and think, it’s just a little jump, we’ll be fine.


Levi was good about the jump though. Confused, but a good boy. After the jump, we went back to the surf line. I finally got Levi to touch his feet to the water though he remained suspicious and jumped any time the surf rolled towards him. I finally got him to canter along the beach for a picture (although he remained counter-flexed away from it just in case).

By the time we got back to the trailer, the sun had come out and it was getting hot. The crowds were also piling in.

We untacked and took the ponies down for a roll in the sand. Rolling is the best part of a beach trip for the horses. Heck, one of those horses with us decided to go for a roll half way through the ride with her tack – and rider – still on her.

19 thoughts on “Poplar Beach Ride

    1. Olivia Post author

      Not to our faces. The yelp page for this beach has a lot of complaints about the horse smell. But this is a really popular horse beach – there’s even a place that does guided trail rides on this beach so people expect it and don’t both to bitch about it to much.

  1. Dom

    I am so very jealous. Despite living in NJ, where we have a GREAT beach to horseback ride on, I’ve never actually done this. Your photos are stunning and fun at the same time. I love the way you gradually work to get the horses used to the surf (between the unpredictable movement, constant noise, and weird smells, it’s no wonder they’re suspicious!)

    1. Olivia Post author

      I don’t blame them for being scared. Levi has been to the beach a bunch of times now though and I just wish he’d remember the last time for once. Every time is like he’s never seen this before and it’s definitely going to kill him. Eugene’s completely over it.

  2. Stacie Seidman

    Gorgeous! Looks like so much fun! There are a few beaches up here that allow horses, but not during the summer. Spring and fall only when they’re not too crowded. I haven’t had a horse with enough mental stability to go yet though. Also, our beaches definitely don’t like this one! Much smaller sand areas.

  3. Sarah (threechestnuts)

    Gorgeous! I’ve never done a beach ride, but I’d love too! I think we can ride in DE on the off season… I just need to find people who want to go to the beaches and have a working truck…

  4. reluctant cowgirl

    Henry has pulled the “Imma roll now” on me while still tacked/ridden, and I think going to the beach would be one big exercise in keeping his attention so he doesn’t go down until I want him to. Rolling is life for mustangs, I guess. I love Levi’s cantering surf side-eye.

    1. Olivia Post author

      Nilla has expressed interest in rolling with me on her and tried it multiple times while still tacked. I am on to her though and manage to keep her from it.

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