Product Review: Dura-Tech No Bow Quick Wraps

As I was wrapping horse legs for the millionth time the other night, I realized I’ve never done a review of one of my favorite products: Dura-Tech No Bow Quick Wraps. I pulled up my invoice to check, and I bought these wraps back in 2012! I don’t mean I bought my first pair then, I mean I bought this pair back in 2012. And they are still trucking.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t blogging back in 2012 and I can’t find any pictures of my horses wearing them back then. When Dijon bowed his tendon the first time, I treated him with what I had on hand: poultice, paper, and polo wraps. I was very cheap and I was kinda of scared of causing another bow by wrapping standing wraps incorrectly. He did recover from that injury just fine despite the lack of proper wraps. When I saw the No-Bow wraps though, I thought they seemed like an excellent solution.

idiot horse galloping around when he’s supposed to be on rest

I’ve had these No Bows for 6 years now and they’ve been through:

  • A second incidence of Dijon bowing his back tendons
  • Nilla fracturing her leg
  • Nilla developing proud flesh from her leg injury
  • Nilla tearing a suspensory
  • Nilla tearing the other side of her suspensory
  • Eugene popping a big splint
  • Countless random swellings and sorenesses that needed wrapping

I also use them for preventative poulticing and wrapping after Cross Country, although I can find no pictures of this.

Used in treating Nilla’s proudflesh with Sugardine

Aside from the whole no bow feature, which is pretty awesome, these things are really convenient. The standing wrap and the no bow padded wrap are sewn together. You don’t have to juggle two bandages wishing you had a third arm while trying to get them together. You just unroll the whole thing in one continuous motion. I don’t have a good picture of the connection so here’s one from Schneider’s website:

These wraps survive pasture and paddock life just fine.

Nilla and Dijon were easy on the bandages. Although they get turned out and roll and sleep in them, they don’t actively try to destroy them. Eugene hates bandages on his legs and will try to pull them off. He’s managed to do this a few times in his pasture with these wraps, but the wraps themselves survived without any real damage. He did manage to bite a chunk out of one of the black straps, but it hasn’t caused any unravelling and I’m still using them. At Twin, he wore them overnight and didn’t pull them off or eat his poultice. Maybe he’s finally growing up!

I wash the wraps whenever they get really dirty. I do not baby these things at all: I throw them in a regular washer on hot with washing detergent and oxiclean and then I put them in the dryer on high. If I try to wash them with the polos at the same time, they like to tangle up, but otherwise I’ve never had an issue with them. They don’t seem to require any sort of special/delicate care. Or at least, I have never provided them with any special care and they are still looking and working great.

I also own the Dura-Tech® Rapid-Wrap No Bow Leg Wraps from Schneiders, which are similar but have 4 short velcro pieces instead of the one long standing wrap. I thought they would be even easier to use, but I don’t like the fit/stiffness from all the extra velcro and they’re not that much easier to apply so the old No Bows are still my go to. I will still use them if I need all four wraps. I really need to get more for when we both compete and need to wrap after XC.

This review was completely unsolicited. I bought the wraps with my own money and no special discounts. None of the links are affiliate links. I get nothing for posting this review. I simply really like the product and highly recommend them.

12 thoughts on “Product Review: Dura-Tech No Bow Quick Wraps

  1. Emma

    Ooh those seem super convenient – esp bc I’m constantly trying to keep track of where all the separate pieces are to my wraps…. I hate when the bandages and no bows end up in different places lol

    1. Olivia Post author

      These work really well. Since you get to wrap the standing wrap part like normal, you can manage the compression as desired. Those Dover ones look difficult to work.

  2. Stacie Seidman

    I’ve never even looked at these quick wraps because generally speaking, I don’t think they provide the same support as using no-bows and a standing wrap (the normal separate kind). I didn’t realize these were made like this. They seem like they would provide actually the exact same kind of support. I’ll have to go take a look!
    Just speaking in general, Dura-tech makes really useful quality products (in my opinion).

  3. the_everything_pony

    Thanks for the review! These look really convenient. Dear god having to juggle a standing wrap and the pillow wrap was a NIGHTMARE which is why I’ve never used any on Amber. I’ll absolutely have to look into these!

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