Recipe for Success

Olivia   September 25, 2015   5 Comments on Recipe for Success

You know what’s a great idea?

Take a mule that’s used to being ridden 5-6 times a week. And not just hacks, but intense dressage rides or 10+ mile conditioning rides. Then stop riding her for a week because you’re sick. Then discover she’s lame and cut off her pasture access and leave her in a paddock for 2 weeks with no riding. Do a vet check and have the vet tell you it’s just her hocks (btw, thank god it’s just her hocks. I was picturing torn tendons and all sorts of downtime). Inject her hocks and put her on 48 hours of 12×12 stall rest (no paddock). Do this on Friday morning.

Then do this on Sunday:

The last time I rode her (outside of the 5 minutes I rode before discovering she was lame) was September 2nd. The vet warned me that in addition to having been cooped up, she’s going to be feeling good. Like really good and will probably express this under saddle.

But the show is vet approved, so we’re going. Goals include: staying on, staying in the ring, and not dying. Wish us luck.

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