Reindeer Games

Olivia   February 25, 2016   7 Comments on Reindeer Games

I rode Nilla over to the winery the other evening to get some trail miles. She was in a mood. I actually had to dismount on the road as she objected the a Jeep and tried to run into the road to get away from it. Like, that’s the opposite of how to get away. She continued to spook at the bushes, the bunnies, the air, absolutely nothing, and everything. One thing that was entirely not worth spooking at? The herd of deer we came across.

Not scary
Also not scary
The deer were watching us, but not running away so I tried to play “how close can we get?” Unfortunately, the gif is from a snapchat, so the timer actually ran out before we got even closer to the deer. 
Nilla didn’t care about my deer game, she had her own games to play.
I don’t blame her, the grass is lush and green right now. And since we’ve gone back to drought conditions, I’m sure it’ll be dead in a few more weeks. I hate the rain while it’s happening, but I know we need it. 
We did get a bit of conditioning work done in between spooking at nothing and eating grass while ignoring deer. But we’re both very out of shape. We’re going to need to get back on the trailer and get out to real trails to get us both back into shape for our next endurance ride. 

7 thoughts on “Reindeer Games

  1. Olivia

    This is actually something I could do. We belong to the winery and my husband goes for tastings all the time. We often ride up together on the weekend, tie up the horses, do a tasting, and then ride back. But I actually don't like wine, so I usually just "taste" the fudge they have to pair with the port.

  2. eggiewegs

    Hungry hungry hippos… That is so true. Horses are like toddlers that only watch one movie, read only the favorite book, only want to play one game. For them there is only Hungry Hungry Hippos. Over and over again, every day.

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