Videos from April 2018 Fresno Horse Trials

Levi Dressage

It’s not a good test, but it is better than our November test at Fresno.

Levi Stadium

I thought dressage was bad, but this is honestly more painful to watch. He’s trying very hard to be good. I am punishing him at every step.

Levi Cross Country

Comparing this to our November course, he looks a lot better on this one. He’s smoother and listening to me more (coming back when I ask him instead of waiting until he trips).


Eugene Dressage

Eugene has come so far. He’s really calm and engaged in this test. Sure, they need more bend and connection, but this test is really such an achievement from where they started.

Eugene Stadium

The best part is the end; so many pats for such a good boy.

Eugene Cross Country

Watching Eugene on cross country is watching joy. That little Mustang truly loves his job.


4 thoughts on “Videos from April 2018 Fresno Horse Trials

  1. Stacie Seidman

    I think you and Levi just need to fill the trust bank a little more, and then you’ll be more willing to let go of his face. Try not to get discouraged! It looks like he’s having a great time on cross country!
    Eugene is looking SO good this year!

  2. reluctant cowgirl

    I almost cried at the end of Eugene’s SJ round. Sheesh. What a good boy. I see improvement in Levi – there was definitely less fighting going on in those rounds than I’ve seen in the past. Definitely exhibiting more control.

  3. Teresa

    I can definitely see improvement with you and Levi. I also think that you asked me about my ring drag: it’s a heavy chain harrow. I love the job that it does- one side has longer tines then the other.

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