Videos from Twin Rivers Winter H.T.


Despite the lake-like conditions, this was a really good test for them. Eugene is a little inconsistent, but there are more good, connected moments than bad. And he honestly does a great job of splashing through the water like it’s no big deal.

Cross Country

I watch this video and all I can think is why the hell is that saddle pad slipping back like that? I fixed it TWICE in the warm up. You can also watch Eugene staring hard at the jump judge at #2 (the jump you can hear my husband asking Eugene to look at in the helmet cam video) and I’m pretty sure the judge is laughing with them. Eugene isn’t even challenged by BN XC anymore. They just need to solve the whole stadium issue.


I don’t know what Eugene is spooking at before the first jump, but wow. The 6-7 line was a hot mess express, but the rest of the course went pretty well. I remain really happy with their forwardness at the 4AB combo. it’s cute to watch Eugene’s ears prick forward at each jump. He might not be the most stylish jumper, but he does seem to love it.

11 thoughts on “Videos from Twin Rivers Winter H.T.

  1. roamingridersite

    You guys get pro videos? Thats awesome! I’ve never been to an event with a photographer. The boys look really great out there. Neither seem phased by anything they saw out on xc.

    1. Olivia Post author

      Ride On Video is awesome. They’re at pretty much every event in CA. The best thing is the record everyone and then you can decide after the weekend is over if you want to buy the videos. That way you can wait to see if you don’t get eliminated before buying.

  2. Hannah

    I dont think Eugene’s spooking as much as trying to reorient his rider to the cross country course. It would be tragic if they were in the wrong arena due to a simple navigational error. A horse can hope can’t he?

    1. Olivia Post author

      Excellent observation. I’m sure that’s what it was. On that same note: I did watch a few horses lose theirs minds when they were doing stadium and another horse galloped by on XC. It was really unfortunate timing for a few people.

  3. Liz

    I really admire their ability to just keep moving forward despite bobbles. I struggle so hard to stay present and not dwell on the perceived “mistakes” I make. They’re such a great team.

  4. Allison @ Pony Reboot

    They did an awesome job!! I would be proud of all three phases there, they know what to work on but don’t let the minor issues get them down. And Twin Rivers did an amazing job grooming the XC course, wow. That much rain would’ve had it canceled at most parks for sure.

  5. Nicku

    Ok I only watched the SJ video but WOW your hubby is riding AWESOME these days, and Eugene knows his job. I love how hard he pricks his ears forward. They’ve come a long way, great pair!

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