2016 Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange


This post is late because I was away over Christmas and didn’t get my gift until I got home. I have to say I’m probably a terrible person to have to give a gift to. I buy everything I want for myself before anyone else can and my hints to me secrets santa were – and I quote – “I have a mule and my color is teal.” Could I be any more helpful?

I’m so sorry.

Luckily for me, my secret santa was Fig from Topaz-Dreams and she managed to take that useless bit of information and turn it into the best gift:

This little figurine is from Chuck and Stan. I’m so excited about it. It’s so amazingly cute. It earned a place on the mantle next to Nilla’s gold BC prize from Run for the Gold. I want to get one of all my horses. And even though the mini Nilla is the most amazing thing ever, she had to go above and beyond and gave me treats and a teal lead rope. Because she’s awesome.


I’d been reading everyone else’s posts about the secret santa gifts and been jealous of what everyone else was getting, but now I’m pretty sure I won the exchange.

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20 thoughts on “2016 Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

  1. Emma

    Lol @ “winning” the gift exchange. That figuring is adorable. My first year Alicia made me a crochet Isabel and that little stuffed animal remains so dear to me – gotta love personalized gifts!!

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  3. Megan

    That little figure is adorable! I went to look at the Etsy and I can’t believe how tiny those figures are! I need to get some now.

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