2017 Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

This is my fourth year participating in the Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange although I can’t find a blog post from the 1st year, which is sad because now I can’t remember what I got. 2015 was great, 2016 was better, and 2017 really knocked it out of the park. Teresa from Eventing Saddlebred Style sent me a whole box full of goodies!

I do mean full of goodies.  Any extra space was crammed with candy. Even just opening the box filled the air with the smell of chocolate. It really should be a more common packing material. In addition to the chocolate and the card, there was not just one, but 4 gifts.

According to the card, one of the gifts was supposed to be a prize from her Olympics contest back in 2016. She’d actually been in touch with me a few times after the contest ended apologizing for not getting the prize sent to me, but I was never upset and had honestly completely forgotten about it prior to this box showing up.

I got 2 hats from my favorite tack store, Riding Warehouse, one in green and one in Navy which are the colors my husband and I wear. Coincidence or stalker level consideration in gift giving? Either way, it’s awesome. The blue mule fabric is actually the prize from the contest. Teresa had planned to make it into a pillow and then never managed it. So now it’s mine!

It’s so cute that I don’t know what to do with it. I could make a pillow, but maybe I could make something even more amazing. I don’t have any idea what that would be so I am going to hold on to it for a bit and think.

Finally, the pièce de résistance: a custom mug of our mustangs.

Save a horse, ride a Mustang!

This mug is a amazing. I will definitely be enjoying it this winter as I huddle indoors with my hot chocolate and tea. Thanks so much, Teresa!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

12 thoughts on “2017 Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

  1. martidoll123

    i def want to do this next year! this is so cool. Tho all you bloggers are so creative/inventive. and i am not. LOL I love my RW hats (i have one in tan and one in blue and use them yearround) Now i want one in green HA. And i love the mugs. Heck i love everything you got! Very cool.

    Happy holidays to you and your hubby and the mustangs and ms nilla etc. etc. 🙂

  2. Stacie Seidman

    That mug is awesome! What a great gift, right down to the colors on the hats! Everyone does such a great job getting to know their recipient, and the gifts have all been so personalized. Love it!

  3. lifeisbetterthere

    Fantastic goods! The mule fabric is outstanding – how much is there? I envision it making a great circle scarf or bandana…

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