2017 Blog in Review – Part I


Basically nothing happened in January because it rained all month. Nilla was off at training and I think I rode Levi like three times all month. We did get a few rides in when possible and I posted about going horseback riding while on a cruise in Mexico.


February was worse for blogging; I only managed 6 posts for the whole month. The insane amount of rain we were getting really put a damper on riding, especially when our arena sprung a spring. I did manage to make some Valentine’s horse treats and do a giveaway for them. Nilla was still in training with Laura and the rain made seeing her difficult.


I started the month of by talking about sharing the trails with non equestrians and enjoying having people take my picture out in public. Although it was still wet, the rain paused enough that we finally started getting out for some trail rides. My husband even did a guest post on his own endurance preparation. We took Levi to the beach for the first time and he was not so happy about it, but it made for some great photographs. We ended the month by taking Eugene and Levi to their first show of the year.


By April we were finally back to actually doing things. First we dealt with the destruction of everything in our camper. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen again. We took Levi and Eugene to yet another schooling show where Eugene did his first Hunter Derby.

Nilla returned from training, but riding her was delayed due to some hoof issues and then boobwatch. I did, after actual years of searching, finally find a dressage saddle that fit Nilla. Nilla and Eugene went to a jumping clinic with some hilarious photo opportunities on Nilla’s part. Although I posted about it in May, Eugene and Nilla (part I and part II) finished out the month by going to Camelot’s schooling HT at the end of April.



We returned from XC schooling at Camelot to go XC schooling at Woodside with Kate. The Mustangs got moved out to their own pasture and I scored some great deals on used tack. We went to a really fun local playday show with Nilla and Levi. Levi was a total champ.

Eugene and Nilla went to a Bobby Meyerhoff Jumping Clinic at Fresno Horse park. We did Stadium day one and XC day two. This was a fabulous clinic (Bobby managed to figure out and solve Nilla’s main issue in one ride) and I would ride with him again anytime. To finish out the month, my husband competed in his first rated three day event at Woodside Horse Park: Dressage, Stadium, Cross Country.


June kicked off with an epic blogger meetup including local bloggers and Cob Jockey. We had the Mustangs’ DNA analyzed with some surprising results. Then it was time to head off to adult eventing camp, which was three days with three different clinicians teaching Dressage, Cross Country, and Stadium. Because Eugene had injured his stifle, my husband had to use Levi for the clinic, but he did really well.

June continued being a pretty epic month with Levi’s first schooling event at RDLA. We did dressage, stadium, and cross country and he was pretty fabulous. He was so good my husband and Kate hopped on to have their own fun schooling him over XC jumps.

14 thoughts on “2017 Blog in Review – Part I

  1. L. Williams

    Despite the rain onslaught, you guys had a really full first half of the year! It’s amazing how it doesn’t feel that way as the days go by but putting it all together like this really hits the nail home!

  2. Stacie Seidman

    You did more in 6 months than I’ve done in two years! Can’t wait to hear how Nilla is doing, and I hope Levi gets back to being the good boy he was earlier in the year.

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