2018 Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

Another year, another gift exchange! I always love doing this and I highly recommend anyone with a horse blog join in next year if you’re not doing it already. Check out Tracy’s blog for more information.

This is my 5th time doing the gift exchange. Sadly, I can’t find a post from the first year, but here are links to 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Today I opened the door to find a small stack of packages. Most of them were either gifts for other people or boring household good like new outlet covers. So when I opened one of the packages at random to find wrapped gifts I was so excited. I have been scrambling to finish the gift I need to send for the exchange and kind of forgot that the other side of the gift exchange is actually receiving gifts!  Woo hoo.

Let’s just pause to talk about how amazing this wrapping paper is. It’s freaking unicorns carrying packages with a banner reading “Have a Magical Christmas.” I legit sat there with a razor blade cutting the paper off so I can re-use it.

This year I said I was interested in getting things to help me survive this frozen wasteland I have moved to and my Secret Santa did not disappoint.

Look at these beauties! I cannot tell you how much I love socks. Like, possibly more than I like saddle pads. I dunno though; I do really like saddle pads. It’s a close call. Nonetheless, I love getting socks as gifts and wool socks are my favorite. So excited about these.

Also, those gloves are cashmere. I don’t think I own anything cashmere. To my mind, that’s like for fancy, rich people. They’re not going anywhere near the barn. I am going to put those in my nice, non barn coat.

I have being eyeing those toe warmers at various stores, but just not pulling the trigger, so I was psyched to see them. At first I was like, I can’t wait to try these and then I was like

Wouldn’t it be better if it just never got cold enough to need these? That seems unlikely though. My package didn’t come with a card, but the return address gave me enough information to track down Holly from Marescara on Instagram and ask if they were from here and they were! Thanks again Holly! I’m really excited about all my winter weather gear and I’m sureI’ll be using them soon.

So true it’s not even funny

23 thoughts on “2018 Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

  1. emma

    omgosh cashmere gloves are the BEST!! i have a pair of fingerless gloves and they’re so perfect bc they’re thin enough to fit under everything, but they’re SUPER warm.!

  2. jess

    Cashmere is a game changer for warmth. And like emma said you can definitely use them as liners so they don’t get barn-ed. I recommend scouting thrift stores for used sweaters too. I have one that I picked up for 2.50 or something that I wear when it’s frigid and need to be outside and it’s so good at keeping my core warm.

    1. Olivia Post author

      I wear a ton of wool, but I never thought about cashmere for warmth. I literally only associate it with fanciness. I’ll keep an eye out.

  3. Stacie Seidman

    This is the PERFECT gift for your new location! Wool socks are the best. My little brother actually told me that’s all he wants this year.
    And cashmere is so wonderful. Definitely keep it away from the horses though. They don’t deserve cashmere.

  4. Shauna

    Toe warmers will change your life! I live in toe warmers at the barn from Nov-Apr. I get big bags of them from Ocean State Job Lot for $5.00. (not sure if they have that store in VT). Without toe warmers, I could not barn, Ever. Great gift!

    1. Olivia Post author

      I have never heard of ” Ocean State Job Lot.” I just looked and of course there are non in Vermont, but a bunch in NH so I’ll have to check one out sometime.

  5. Holly

    So glad you like everything! Everyone deserves some cashmere in their life if they have to suffer through winter! Still feel so dumb for forgetting the card though – need my brain cells to return please!

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