A Visit with L. Williams

As many of you probably already read on Viva Carlos, L visited last week. I know a lot of bloggers talk about how they don’t like to let other people ride their horses, but I’m pretty easy going and will generally let anyone ride my horses. And if you actually know how to ride, even better! When I mentioned she was coming to ride because she was temporarily horseless, my husband – who does not know his famous horse bloggers like her should – said, oh, does she want to lease Shasta? No. She rides 3’6″ rated hunters. No, she does not want to lease your semi-lame fatty.

L started out on Nilla and was mostly interested in taking pictures of her adorable ears. Which I totally get. Because the ears are the best part.

L on Nilla

L was being rather tentative with her. I was like, just go jump her. She loves jumping. She will be happy.


And she was. Though once we switched and I got on her, I could see why L was hesitant. Mule had some attitude that evening. We ended up riding out on the trail down to the creek so I didn’t have time that evening, but the next night we worked on transitions and listening and not just barging around dragging your riders arms out of their socket. So, I’m sorry L. Although I fully admit she’s a pain in the ass, she’s usually better.

L hopped on Eugene for our brief trail ride and seemed to have fun with him. I actually haven’t ridden Eugene yet, so she beat me to it!


He was pretty hilarious in the creek. He kept trying to eat things that aren’t even remotely food, like boulders and logs and gravel.

After we returned to the barn, we grabbed a quick dinner at the Melt. It’s not my favorite place, but there aren’t a lot of quick options open at 8:30 at night. It was great to sit and chat with L. As a native bay area resident, she has some memories of this place not being a traffic-ridden, unaffordable nightmare. She did, however, sympathize with my desire to move away from here, which is my 2 year plan.

For anyone else local or traveling who wants to visit and do a ride, feel free to email me. I love meeting new people. And I have a sane packer pony if you’re worried about the mule being crazy. Which she is. But still, a lot of fun. Sometimes. When she feels like it.

30 thoughts on “A Visit with L. Williams

  1. Sara @ The Roaming Rider

    Mule ears are one of the best things on the planet. I’m with you about letting others ride. Gem isn’t the easiest, but she is never mean and I’ve put kids on her no problem in an arena. I’m game for other to hop on her and give her a spin if they want.

    1. Olivia Post author

      I would never trust a kid on Nilla and she’s not actually that easy. I’m just fairly easy going about people riding her.

  2. Heidi

    How fun! Do you have a location in mind for where you’d like to go next? CA is so different from where you are from! We spent 8 years in Seattle and I was desperately happy to move to SC. It is fun to live in different places for awhile, though!

  3. Tracy - Fly On Over

    Ahhhh, such an awesome meetup. I LOVED meeting L and can’t wait to get back to CA to meet more west coast bloggers!!

  4. L. Williams

    Thanks so much for having me out. I love your animals, Nilla really does love to jump! Don’t worry about me being tentative, definitely not a reflection of Nilla or Eugene. I tend to get tentative on most people’s horses which is probably why I didn’t do as well in IHSA as I should. Getting out and meeting people and riding strange horses (and mules!!) is really good for me.

  5. Sarah

    I’d love to visit…but wrong coast problems. Also, I’m pretty sure I’d just want to snuggle the mule and stuff her face with treats. She’d be fine with that I assume. 😉

  6. Susan FriedlandSmith (@SaddlSeeksHorse)

    I heard L might be in SoCal soon and I think it would be fun to connect with her. Also, if I’m up north I’m definitely going to hunt you down because I narrowly missed riding a mule on a trail ride in Mammoth a few years ago. The two other people I were with go to ride mules and I was bummed because I was on a boring horse. LOL! And if you’re ever in the OC, come on over and ride Knight!

    1. Olivia Post author

      That would suck. I always ask for the mules. Most people complain about getting assigned a mule, so they probably thought they were being nice to you. If you’re ever around here, I will certainly let you ride the mule.

  7. Courtney

    That looks like so much fun! I love mule ears, I’d be obsessing over them too.
    Eugene is so cute, it makes me want to get a mustang!

    1. Olivia Post author

      You should totally get a Mustang. Though I think Eugene is probably unique in just how much he wants to be a good boy.

  8. Kat

    I’m a total weenie about jumping, but I’m like dying for a trail ride since we don’t have anywhere nice at our barn. 🙂 I like watching others ride my horse, guess I grew up on rent-string/ borrowing, so I’m happy to share the love with others. L is always fun to ride with.

    1. Olivia Post author

      I grew up riding everything as well so I’m always up for sharing. If you ever want to come out and do a trail ride, let me know. L came out to late in the evening, but we have trails that go to a winery.

    1. Olivia Post author

      It’s not that I’m opposed it’s just that we each have our own horses and are usually working on a specific project. So while I could hop on Eugene and work on bending, my husband could not work on Nilla going on the bit or leg yielding. So we never switch.

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