Custom Embroidered Saddle Pads with BLM Mustang Freezemark

When I was picking up the Cambox, I also bought a bunch of saddle pads. Two of those pads were for a secret project for my husband; I wanted to get them embroidered with Eugene’s freezemark. The BLM freeze brands each Mustang with a unique code that identifies them.



I looked at some of the online stores that did embroidered saddle pads, but they all had either long turn-around times, really high prices for converting a logo into an embroidery file, or both. I eventually just bought two Roma pads at Dover in Eugene’s colors and found a local embroiderer to do the job.

I did have to provide the embroiderer with a vector image of Eugene’s brand. The brand is really illegible on his neck. I might be able to make more sense of it if I shaved him, but I wasn’t going to do that for this. Luckily, his paperwork came with his brand written down. I used YouiDraw, which is a free vector creation website. It’s a little clunky to use, but it’s free and you don’t have to download anything so I’d recommend it for little projects like this. I just made a bunch of rectangles and rotated them to make Eugene’s brand:


I dropped the pads off with the embroiderer and we discussed the placement and sizing of the embroidery. I was going to make them a bit larger, but he wanted to use a specific hoop that worked better on thick things like the pads and that hoop could only handle about 6.5″, but that size actually ended up looking perfect.

custom freezemark saddle pad for Mustang

The black one was embroidered on both sides and the red one only on the left. My husband is going to keep the red one set aside for shows. These were my gift to him for his birthday and he was pretty happy about them. We even pulled Eugene’s mane out of the way for a shot of the embroidery with his matching freezebrand.

custom freezemark saddle pad for Mustang

These are so mice, now I kinda want to make custom saddle pads for myself. Does anyone else have custom embroidered pads? If so, where did you get yours?

37 thoughts on “Custom Embroidered Saddle Pads with BLM Mustang Freezemark

  1. Teresa

    Those are beautiful. I love his smile-obviously he liked them. I have a custom pad that my friend gave me. I love it- there’s something about personalized tack. Here we have quite a few options for embroidery so it’s easy to find someone.

  2. APitts

    The pads look fantastic! What a great idea! I use Sydney at Two Socks Designs for both my barn/team gear and for the browbands. She was able to take my very amateur logo and vectorize it for me at the lowest cost I could find. Plus she sent it to me so I can use it for business cards, etc. She is fantastic to work with and so very creative with what she can do. She has a website and Etsy shop too. And she’s very affordable.

  3. Stacie Seidman

    That’s such a great idea! They came out great too!
    I have a few embroidered baby pads that I had done on site at horse shows. It can get pretty expensive. I think finding a local, non horse shop is the cheapest route.
    My step mom recently got a really fancy sewing machine and I think she can now do custom embroidery for me. I just need to figure out what I want for a logo now!

    1. Olivia Post author

      One of those home embroidery machines would be so awesome to have. I think I’d embroider everything I own though so maybe better I don’t have one.

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