Two Horse Tack Breastplate Review

Because I like being matchy, matchy with my tack and riding equipment, I was excited to get a breastplate from Two Horse Tack in the same wine color as the mule bridle.

Two Horse Tack Breastplate

This actually arrived a while ago and I first tried it out on Nilla before she was off work. I only got the running martingale for Levi, but wanted to try everything on Nilla to make sure it all worked out. I love how easy the running martingale attachment is to clip on or take off. I could see this being really great for endurance riders who might need the martingale in the morning when their horse is really excited, but want to remove it for later loops when it wasn’t needed.

The breastplate has a ton of adjustability so it fits both Nilla and Levi who are 15hh and 16.2 respectively. There are holes for adjustment along both shoulders, between the legs, and on both saddle connector straps. The running martingale attachment is also adjustable.

Two Horse Tack Breastplate

Normally, we do quite a bit of trail riding and endurance in the summer and this is when I would use a beta biothane breastplate. However, this summer, with our horses being variously injured, we haven’t done much and I haven’t used the breastplate as much as I would like. I did use the breastplate for Levi when we went horse camping.

Two Horse Tack Breastplate

You can see how much I like to have everything match

The breastplate held up well and rinsed off with a hose afterwards, which is really the best part of this type of tack: the ease of cleaning. Well, that and the pretty colors.

I know I’d get kicked out of the show ring for using colored tack, but it is nice for schooling since it’s so easy to clean and I can keep my nice, leather tack clean and ready for shows.

If only I’d remembered my matching sunshirt.

If you’re interested in getting your own Two Horse Tack product, you can use the following coupon or sign up for their newsletter. None of the links in the post or the coupon are affiliate links. I get nothing for doing this review. I just genuinely like the product and recommend it.


22 thoughts on “Two Horse Tack Breastplate Review

  1. Megan

    your matching tack game is on point, as the kids would say. and thanks for the coupon!! i really want of those buckle nose halters…

  2. Stacie Seidman

    I got the sidepull/bitless bridle (it’s convertible) for Rio, and I really like it. I got the hunter green with brown overlay cause I like matchy matchy too 🙂
    Levi looks so handsome in that burgundy color.

  3. Judith Daly

    I love their products and have quite a few items from them. They have terrific service, too.

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