2016 Goals Review

Olivia   January 2, 2017   15 Comments on 2016 Goals Review
2016 goals
When I posted my 2016 goals, I knew that I was unlikely to achieve all of them because I would be undergoing a career change at some point in the year. I just didn’t know exactly when.
Strikethroughs didn’t happen. Check marks did.
2016 Dressage Goals
Compete at Training Level (both schooling and rated shows)
Qualify for Regionals at Training Level
Compete at First Level (schooling or rated show)
I actually completely wrote these goals off when I injured my elbow in February. I had to take a few months off from using my right arm. Even once I was allowed to use both arms while riding, I was a bit limited. It actually still hurts if I do any heavy lifting or pulling. We have made a lot of progress in our dressage and I plan to pick up with some of these goals next year depending on my career/financial situation.

Sometimes we look like we know what we’re doing

2016 Endurance/Trial Riding Goals
✔️ Complete another 25 mile ride
✔️ Go Horse Camping as much as possible
Go Horse Camping in the back country
While dressage was a bust, we were very successful with our endurance goals. My husband and I did the intro ride at Run for the Gold and then completed a 25 mile ride at Weaverville. Nilla even won Best Condition at both rides. My husband went on to complete his first 50 with Eugene in October at Quicksilver. We did a ton of horse camping as well. We didn’t end up trying the pack trip as Eugene wasn’t ready in the spring and the place I want to try this has no water in the summer and fall. Maybe next year.
PC: Boots and Bloomers - used with purchase

PC: Boots and Bloomers – used with purchase

2016 Jumping/Eventing Goals
✔️ Compete at BN level (schooling only)
✔️ Go to a clinic or trailer out to lessons for jumping
Register Nilla and compete in American Mule Association Shows
Nilla and I did BN at RDLA twice and then attempted BN at Eventful Acres. We also had a very successful outing at Camelot competing at Elementary. I never bothered with the mule shows. It’s not something that truly interests me, but I would like to make it to Bishop Mule Days one day.
Camelot- Starred

Eventing mule

Other Goals
✔️ Get Nilla to trailer without killing herself
✔️ Get Nilla over her aversion to bits – she needs to keep her tongue in her mouth
✔️ Lose Weight
✔️ Have 3 happy, healthy, and sound horses
We had to buy a new trailer to make it happen, but we are able to get Nilla from point A to point B without her permanently damaging herself every time. While I finally found a bit that Nilla tolerates, we do still occasionally have some tongue. It’s not perfect, but it’s so much better, so I’m counting it as a success.


I did lose some weight, though not as much as I’d have liked or as much as I need to. I’ll carry this one over to next year, though I am officially calling it a success. As for the final goal, I do have three, happy, healthy horses. Of course, when I made that goal we had Shasta, Nilla, and Dijon. I sold Dijon, Shasta has gone off to live in a pasture for the winter, and we added Eugene and Levi to our herd, but the spirit of the goal has been achieved. Everyone is in good health and as sound as they’re probably going to be.
Overall, this was a fantastic year for goal achievement. I can only hope 2017 goes as well.

15 thoughts on “2016 Goals Review

  1. Kym Calvert

    I have really enjoyed your blog this year. Missed the original goal setting for 2016. Enjoyed the year in review. I had a hip replacement that packed a few pounds on after surgery. I did Medifast for 3 weeks and lost 30 pounds. I don’t have a pound to spare now. You have to take the program seriously, but if you grit your teeth and stick it out, the results are truly worth it. I also missed why Nilla is having trailering issues. I consider myself a bit of a pro on that topic. If you would discuss her problems again, I might have some solutions for you. Good luck! I just love Nilla!

    1. Olivia Post author

      Nilla’s trailering issues were insane. We tried trainers and drugs and nothing worked. She decided that she could only trailer in essentially a box stall. If she could turn herself around, she was okay. If we put her on backwards, that didn’t count – she had to be able to move freely. At one point we had a trailer camera and I watched her press herself into the center divider and climb the outside wall with her hooves until she was nearly sideways. In October, she kicked her leg though the trailer door and fractured her leg. That healed and the next time we tried to trailer her, she decided to lay down. She broke her halter to do it. She managed to get cast in the stall and we could only free her by getting the other horse out and moving the divider. We finally switched to a slant load and she gets the back triangle. She goes untied and can turn herself around in that space and has been much better.

  2. jslabaugh11

    You guys accomplished so much together! That’s a pretty high completion percentage. I hope we can meet up next time I’m in Palo Alto (maybe May?). Happy New Year!

  3. Teresa

    I have lived vicariously through your blog and really had a great time! I love how far you’ve come with Nilla and can’t wait to see how Levi comes along.

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